I am very happy and excited to announce that Brilliant Fantastic will be joining the team at Whitelabel.

I have been running Brilliant Fantastic by myself for the past 8 years. I have accomplished a lot and I am very proud of the work done during that time. With the help of Keith Thompson and several contractors, we have built over twenty five web applications and two iOS applications for over twenty customers. There are several hundred thousand lines of code involved and countless hours.

We have trained over seventy people and several companies in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I have travelled all over the Midwestern and Eastern United States to give talks on various topics that ranged from Ember.js to Getting Real with Consulting.

I am going to continue doing this and more with Whitelabel.

Whitelabel has a lot of talent in-house. Some of the best designers, front-end developers, and business minds exist within Whitelabel. We have been working together for the past four months and we have created one of the best and most fun web applications I have worked on to date. You can check it out at http://www.reserve123.com. We are already hard at work creating more great stuff for customers.

In addition, Whitelabel is actively working on some exciting products and ideas that it will spin off into their own companies in the coming months. I am excited to share more as they develop.

I am officially coming on as a partner with Whitelabel on Monday, July 21. My role within Whitelabel, the company, will be to lead the development team as well as manage the projects. I will be training the current in-house team in Ruby and Javascript and I will be tasked with building our development team even further with great additional talent.

If you have any questions for me feel free to contact me.

Change is good and I am excited for the next chapter.

Thank you,
-- Jamie