Learn Rails. Fantasticly.

We are passionate about Ruby on Rails. We can't tell you how liberating it is to use a language and a framework designed for developer happiness.

We are also passionate about learning and teaching. We are proud to announce that Brilliant Fantastic is now offering training in Ruby on Rails. We'd love to have you.

Keith training

We created Morale

We developed Morale so that it gets out of your way when you are developing software. It allows you to enter tasks and bugs with a simplicity of a sentence. It uses natural language so you can create a ticket with all the information you need such as priorities, due dates, and assignments with a simple sentence. You can then share these with your project team.
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Work. Laugh. Play.

We love what we do. We love working with others that love what they do. This simple formula makes for an atmosphere where the productivity and creativity are contagious. This atmosphere makes for better work.

We have brought this atmosphere to Toledo, Ohio with Seed Coworking . Seed is Toledo's first coworking community. A place where the creative community can grow and prosper.
Seed interior

Talk to Google.

We build our software using open source software. We like to give back as much as we can. You can visit our Github account to view our open source. There is more coming in the near future.

We released gcal-unit , a Google Calendar API wrapper. We are using this as part of a new application we are working on. More on that to come.

Take a gander, give us feedback, talk to Google like a pimp.
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Why Brilliant Fantastic

Don't be like Dog the Bounty Hunter™.

We won't waste your time or money. This is our motto. Our mark. Our identity. We make it hard for customers to give us money. Customer happiness is our goal. We deliver projects without wasting time on the things that do not matter.

Be more like a Swedish furniture company.

There can be a lot of waste in a project. One of these wastes is unnecessary documentation. We strive to have our limited documentation resemble IKEA documents. Simple and easy to understand.

Make it easy to get out.

We don't operate under the pretense of large contracts. We work and sell in iterations. We deliver a production ready application every two weeks. If you don't like what we delivered or we didn't deliver what we promised, you can fire us. No obligation.
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