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I had to leave Kinship

Three weeks ago, I sat in my car and started to cry because I had to leave Kinship, the agency I helped start a year ago.

It was hard on me. I worked very fucking hard on making that a reality and I was proud of what I had accomplished up until that point. It was stressful as shit but I was building something great with my friends.

I had to leave because of some financial difficulties. Up to that point, I was not paid for four weeks prior and looking into the future, I could no longer weather the storm. The invoices we had out were not due for another month and we had no further invoices due after that.

I have an idea what happened but I am still trying to completely wrap my head around it. If I do, I plan on writing a blog post with what I think happened so that others may learn from it. Right now, I think it boils down to scheduling, a lack of expertise is certain areas, and just plain lack of fucking hard work.

I have mad respect for agencies that I have worked closely with before. Agencies like TestDouble, One Design, and Headway seem to have the basics down. It must have been hard to figure the basics out. However, when working with them, they seemed to have the essentials down. They were well-oiled machines.

So what’s next? Well, spoiler alert, the title should of given you a hint. I am doubling down on Brilliant Fantastic. Turns out, I am pretty fucking good as a “soloprenuer”. My hard work directly impacts the success of my business in a very meaningful way.

I have already set myself up differently than I ever have. My work schedule will allow me to work on the business during the week as a strict requirement. I tried to implement this with Kinship but because of various factors, it never worked.

In addition, I am in process of implementing automation features that I feel are the future of tech service businesses. This will allow me to spend more time delivering value to clients and spending less time on bullshit. More on this later.

Lastly, you will see a lot of launches over the next year.

I am currenly working hard on Chronic with Keith.

I am moving Tatsu forward.

I am working on this site.

I working on an automation framework and application.

I am going to launch training.

I am going to launch a clothing line.

But…”Jamie, that’s crazy, you will just half-ass all of those or burn out…“.

Well, all I can say is watch me. I won’t find myself in a situation where I can’t afford to keep a good thing going. You miss out on opportunities doing that.

I am more driven than ever before.

Peace and love.

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