Mindfulness in a different time

I know it’s easier said than done, but try to relish this time. There will never be another one like it.

  • I like that everyone is getting back out into nature
  • I like that everyone is not getting in their cars
  • I like saying “stay safe”
  • I like seeing people in masks cause I feel like we are in a club. The club of respecting others.
  • I like thinking of creative ways to play board games over Zoom
  • I like lawn talks
  • I like working on my house, especially my back yard
  • I like the world slowing down
  • I like how close I am to my family now
  • I like how closer I am to my wife
  • I like day drinking and not caring what day it is
  • I like organizing the things we never would of done if we hadn’t slowed down
  • I like not having to be anywhere
  • I like that people are learning more about tech
  • I like that companies are finally catching up with us around remote work
  • I like having the children at the age I have them at during this
  • I like to think of the stories we will tell together in the future about this time
  • I like that people are taking more chances, but the productive kind
  • I like that people are sharing their creativity
  • I like the sharing of your art
  • I like looking at the homes of celebrities
  • I like keeping my lawn chair in the car. You never know when a social distancing party may start
  • I like curbside service
  • I like legal roadies from restaurants
  • I like supporting remote work with my client
  • I like that I am building chatbots during this. I will always remember that
  • I like that weed is essential business
  • I like giving large tips for curbside service
  • I like seeing the creativity from entrepreneurs as they navigate this time
  • I like the new found respect for teachers
  • I like that my wife plays dolls with my daughter almost every day
  • I like that I found out it’s easy to exercise at home
  • I like going on walks with my daughters
  • I like that time I went with my daughter to look for treasure in the neighborhood on bikes after we watched The Goonies
  • I like exercising in my office
  • I like lunch and learns at my desk

P.S. This is my list. I understand my position is privledged. Instead of commenting on my list, make your own and share it. I’d like to see it.

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