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Be Like Chip And Jo: Start with a budget

The first thing I do when I wake up in a hotel room is usually turn on the tv and start flipping through channels. I don’t have old-school tv at home and I forget sometimes what flipping through channels feels like. It’s nice every now and then. One…
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Launch: Paging in Laziness

A few days ago, I launched the ability to automatically page through results in Slack using Slack’s cursor paging implementation . This was necessary to implement now because Tatsu uses Laziness and I had a customer who could not add their…
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bf 2.oh?

I had to leave Kinship

Three weeks ago, I sat in my car and started to cry because I had to leave Kinship, the agency I helped start a year ago. It was hard on me. I worked very fucking hard on making that a reality and I was proud of what I had accomplished up until that…
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