Morale is an application that keeps track of what needs to get done with the simplicity of a sentence. It uses natural language so you can create a ticket with all the information you need such as priorities, due dates, and assignments with a simple sentence.
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Morale was built as a SaaS where customers can sign up for a monthly service based on their usage levels. The marketing page is a single page which displays the high level features in a carousel above.
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Morale was built with one text box in mind. You can create a full featured task or bug with the simplicity of a sentence. Morale parses the sentence using natural language.
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Why it was built

Developers like to stay in the zone. The zone is a special place where creativity flows and software gets built. It is hard to get in the zone and stay there so it is frusterating when being in the zone is interrupted.

When developers discover a bug or a task while they are in the zone, they do not want to stop their thought process, reach for their mouse and fill out a form to track the bug or task. Most developers just make a note aboout it in their favorite text editor and move on. This is where Morale comes in.

Morale is as simple as a text editor but as powerful as a full blown ticket tracking form. Record your task or bug and move on. You can then come back to it when you are not in the zone.

Technologies Used

Ruby Rails jQuery

Built a Platform

One of the key concepts of Morale is that it needs to be available in more places then just within a web page. Since the input of Morale is just a sentence, there is a multitude of ways to get data into it. SMS, Twitter, on your mobile phone, a comment in your source code, within your favorite terminal.

Morale was built in Ruby and Rails but was built with an API in order to allow for multiple platforms to use it. There has been a command line interface built on top of Morale. This allows a developer, who spends most of their time in a command line interface, to input tickets from right within the command line. A TextMate plugin was also created in order to convert comments into Morale tickets from right within a developer's text editor.

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Things that


  • A simple need allowed for a great single minimum marketable feature to be released. The focus was to make it easy to get data into the application.
  • Ruby and open sourced Ruby Gems made for reliable and stable libraries to be used in order to implement large tasks very quickly.
Things that


  • This project suffered from a good amount of dedicated time. It was a simple application and idea but it took too long to implement.
  • The user interface elements were provided within Photoshop and it took a lot of effort to convert these to CSS elements.
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Very intuitive and sexy.