Enemy full

The idea

Sometimes it's hard to define what you stand for. A lot of time it is easier to tell your customers what you don't stand for. It's easier to find a company that represents what you don't do.

Here is a list of what we don't stand for:

  • We love communication over functional specifications
  • We believe that the working software is better documentation then documents
  • Shipping less is better then bloated features
  • Actual feedback is more useful then speculation

Dog small
Don't be like Dog the Bounty Hunter
Judo small
Judo chop processes that suck
Meetings small
F*** meetings
Interruption small
Interruption is the enemy of productivity
Fairy small
Beware of Fairy Tale Product Managers
Hire small
Hire the right customer
Strangers small
Strangers at a cocktail party
Furniture small
Be more like a Swedish furniture company
Easy small
Make it easy to get out
Myths small
Mythical creatures are awesome; myths are not
By products small
Sell your by-products
Enemy small
Find your enemy
Hands small
You don't get gigs from shaking hands