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The idea

We sell interations. We estimate, prioritize, develop, and deploy work on a weekly or a bi-weekly timeframe. This is production ready work so we fit within all budgets.

If, at the end of any given iteration, you don't like what we delivered or we did not deliver what we promised, you can fire us. At the end of any given iteration if we don't like working with our client or the client ends up not fitting into our culture, we can fire the client.

Neither of these events have happened before but it leaves a warm and fuzzy for our customers as well as our developers.

Dog small
Don't be like Dog the Bounty Hunter
Judo small
Judo chop processes that suck
Meetings small
F*** meetings
Interruption small
Interruption is the enemy of productivity
Fairy small
Beware of Fairy Tale Product Managers
Hire small
Hire the right customer
Strangers small
Strangers at a cocktail party
Furniture small
Be more like a Swedish furniture company
Easy small
Make it easy to get out
Myths small
Mythical creatures are awesome; myths are not
By products small
Sell your by-products
Enemy small
Find your enemy
Hands small
You don't get gigs from shaking hands